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What is AIMS-VAMS?
This is Aimsoft’s new and unique Visitors Access Management System (VAMS). VAMS is a software solution that can be installed at any entry point of buildings, institutions and even residential units or apartments. Through the data collected, the building managers can generate and process specific records with details within a building daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


  • Emails
  • Short Message Service(SMS)
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Cloud Access
  • Tag Printing
  • Biometrics


  • Rids building management of the messy book register.
  • Specific and detailed capturing of information.
  • Accurate and consistent information documentation.
  • Access to databases at any time.
  • Automated memory functions for retrieval of client information.
  • Ability to incorporate Photographs and biometrics.
  • Generation of reports for tenants for specific periods captured.
  • Easy management and maintenance of the system.
  • Quick visitor identification upon checkout.